Eden toy & body wipes ~ Review

Pros: Travel size, Price, Smell

Cons: Very few wipes for price

These wipes are great! They’re easy to use, travel sized, and have a nice smell to them. They’re perfect for cleaning your toys or wiping up a mess after sex. The packaging is very cute and easy to get the wipes out. I would definitely recommend anyone getting these for their free gift!

These wipes are great for cleaning your toys or cleaning up a mess after sex. They’re perfect for taking with you to a play party, or a special someone’s house. You can easily wipe down yourself or your toys immediately after using them. They are also convenient for wiping your toys down before the use of them.

The wipes themselves are good quality, thick towelettes. I didn’t have any problems using them or having any of them rip on me. They have a nice, clean scent to them, but it’s not overpowering. The packaging is very cute, however it does have Edenfantasys.com across the package and it also says ‘The sex shop you can trust’. So if you don’t want anyone knowing what they are, keep them out of sight. It has a resealable opening, so you don’t have to worry about the wipes drying or falling out. Also, on the back it has a date that you would assume is the expiration date, but I did some reading online and I found out that’s the date it was made. So your wipes are good!

The only negative thing I have to say about the wipes is that I’m not sure that I would pay $4.99 for 10 wipes. You could easily go through the whole pack of wipes if you’re having a night of fun. It would be great if they doubled the amount that you receive. However, they’re perfect for your free gift from the site.


You can find them here.


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