Hitachi Magic Wand ~ Review


Pros: Strong vibes, Doesn’t use batteries, Accessories available, Easy to clean, Works as a body massager.

Cons: Large, Semi loud, Cord could be longer, Could be too intense for some.


I’ve only heard amazing things about the Hitachi Magic Wand, so I knew that I had to get one for myself. I saved up my points, and now I have one of my own! The Hitachi is a two speed massager with deep vibrations. You can use it to relax sore muscles, or you could give yourself a clitoral orgasm. You can use it all over your body. You can even use it on your neck, nipples, and clit. This toy would work for anyone, from solo users to couples. You could also use it for play parties.


The Hitachi is made out of plastic, which has a safety rating of 8. It has a smooth texture. The head part of it has a faint smell to it, sort of like rubber. However, it’s not strong; you can only smell it if you put your nose up to it. The safety features of this toy include the following: food-grade material / hypoallergenic / latex free / phthalates free. The texture is perfect for anyone; it’s smooth. It’s not overwhelming at all. The head part of this toy is made out of a soft material, so it doesn’t hurt when you use it. I was afraid that it was going to be hard, but it’s soft and squishy!



I really like the design of the Hitachi; it’s very simple. It’s mainly white with a few blue accents. The Hitachi is bigger than most toys. It does have a little bit of weight to it, however it’s not so much that it’s uncomfortable to hold. I would say that the design of the toy could work for anyone, but the vibrations could be too intense for beginners. This is a large toy, like I said, so it may be more difficult to hide this one. Also, most people may not like traveling with such a big toy, but I personally don’t mind. It is discreet since it was made to be a body massager. The measurements are as follows:
6 3/4”
2 3/8”



This toy is designed very well, and it’s easy to use. The settings are in the middle of the toy, which is a good location. It has 2 settings — low and high. The vibrations are located in the head of the toy. The Hitachi is pretty noisy. However, before I got my own, I would read reviews that said it was SUPER loud. However, when I used it, it was nowhere near as loud as I had expected. This toy is not waterproof, so never use it in the water!


Care and Maintenance:

Cleaning this toy is very easy. I take a toy wipe and clean off the head of the toy, making sure to clean the groove very well. You could also just take a damp wash cloth, and use soap to clean it. Just make sure you don’t get anything other than the head wet.


The Hitachi comes packaged in a brown box with brown paper to help keep it from moving around. The Hitachi box comes in a plastic bag. The box is discreet, so someone would just think that it’s a body massager!



You can purchase it from Tantus!

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