Toy Two ~ Review


Pros: Pink!, Good material, Beginner friendly, Easy to clean, Unique

Cons: Creepy, Might not work on bigger fingers, Awkward, Lint/pet hair magnet, Price


‘Toy Two’ is made to slip over 2 of your fingers and work as a finger extension to find your g-spot, however you can also use this toy as a normal dildo and hold it at the base for thrusting. I found that both ways worked well! This toy is perfect for anyone, whether it’s a beginner, an advanced user, solo, or couples. This toy does not have a base so it wouldn’t be safe for anal play, unless you kept it suctioned to your fingers and made sure it doesn’t come off. Which this toy has a pretty strong suction on your fingers, so that’s wouldn’t be a problem.



The ‘Toy Two’ is made out of silicone which has a material safety rating of 10, which is awesome! This toy doesn’t really have a smell to it, nor does it have a taste to it. It’s nice and smooth which feels wonderful inside you. This is a realistic toy as it is meant to resemble 2 slightly bent fingers. The only other dildo that I have has nubs and is bumpy, so getting a smooth dildo was a nice change. It’s very comfortable inside you. This toy is very flexible, it’s soft and squishy at the base where your fingers go in, but it’s firm at the top of the toy where it hits your g-spot. The texture of this toy is perfect for anyone, beginners and more advanced users.


The design of this toy is a little creepy looking to me, however it is very unique. This toy is designed to look like 2 fingers and work as an extension to help find your g-spot. Unforchantly, this toy didn’t do that for me. And that may be because I have a deep g-spot, but none the less I never found it. This toy is a decent size, it’s smaller as the top and gets larger as it goes down to the base. This toy could be a bit big for some people, I had a little bit of trouble getting it in the first time I used it. However after that it’s fine! This is a very realistic looking toy since it looks like 2 pink fingers. It’s possible that if someone saw this toy they might not know what it is and what it’s for, So I would say this toy is somewhat discreet. The toy two is very lightweight and not very large, so this would be good for travel to your lovers house or a play party! The measurements for this toy are as follows:
Insertable length:
5 1/2”
4 3/4”
1 3/4”
0.4 lb



This toy is very easy to use, it’s very comfortable. However, if you have a deep g-spot this toy might not work for you. Also if you have bigger fingers, you may not be able to put it all the way on. But it’s still usable if you can’t get your fingers all the way in. Like I mentioned earlier you could also use this as a normal dildo and hold it at the base for thrusting. When you insert your fingers into the toy, the suction is very good. It holds the toy on and it won’t slip off.

Care and Maintenance:

The ‘toy two’ is very easy to clean. You can use toy wipes to clean it, it’s nonporous so you can put it on the top rack of the dishwasher, also you can boil it for 3 minutes to disinfect it. Just make sure if you’re using a wipe to clean it, that you clean the creases of the finger good! Also it seemed to attract lint and pet hair very easily, so be sure to clean it before and after every use! This toy comes with a padded box, so I just leave it in there, however since it’s not very big you could store it in your toy box. With silicone toys you should use water based lubes and keep your toy away from other silicone toys.


The ‘Toy Two’ comes in a box that has padded to help protect it. The packaging is not discreet at all, it says g-spot finger extender. Also it has a semi nude girl on the back of it. On the 2 sides of the box it has a little bit of information about the ‘Wet For Her’ company. It comes in 4 different languages, English, Dutch, Spanish, and French. This toy does not come with instructions, however their not needed since this toy is very easy to figure out. The padded box makes a perfect storage box.



You can purchase it from Smitten Kitten!

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