Royal Ripple Butt Plug ~ Review


Pros: Cute, Price, Glass, Easy to clean, Easy to store, Comfortable to wear for long periods.

Cons: Too big for anal beginners.


I personally found that this plug works best for me if I lube myself and the toy up, lay on my side and slowly slide it in. After I’ve warmed myself up, of course. I would always recommend doing a warm up play with this plug unless you’re an advanced plug user. You wouldn’t want to cause yourself any pain. Along with laying on your side, you could set the plug on your floor and lower yourself onto it. I wouldn’t recommend this toy to beginners due to the fact that it is a bit big. This toy would work for solo play, during sex or just wearing it around the house. The second day I got it, I had it in while I sat and watched a movie. So, it would work in pretty much any situation. The base is big enough to make anal play and vaginal play safe without the risk of losing it.


The ‘Royal Ripple’ is made out of Borosilicate glass which has a safety rating of 10. It’s non porous and it has a smooth texture, so it’s easy to slide in. Since it’s made out of glass, it’s very firm and doesn’t have any give to it.



I love the look and design of this butt plug, it’s beautiful. It is a purple glass color. The shape of this plug and the smooth texture makes it very easy to insert into yourself. It has a large base, so you don’t have to worry about losing it inside of yourself. When I first ordered this plug I was afraid that the base may be uncomfortable for me since I have a large butt However, there was no issue with that. It was perfectly comfortable for me to walk around and sit with it in. I wouldn’t recommend this plug for a beginner, also I would make sure to warm yourself up before using it. If not it could be somewhat painful. This plug is small enough that it’s perfect for traveling. It can easily fit into your purse or bag. The measurements for the plug are as follows:
Insertable length:
4 1/2”
4 3/4”
1 3/4”
8 oz





This was my first butt plug, and I’m very happy with it. It is very comfortable to wear and it’s a nice size. The base of the plug is flat, so you can sit it on a table without it falling over. You can put some lube on it and on yourself and you can slowly slide it in with ease. I would recommend this plug to any anal lover with a bit of experience.

Care and Maintenance:

This toy is very easy to care for. Since it is made out of glass it is bleachable, boilable, and dishwasher safe. You can also use soap and water or a toy cleaner. With this plug you can use Silicone, water, or oil based lube. It’s small so storing isn’t a problem. I personally just keep it in the drawstring bag that it came with.


The ‘Royal Ripple’ comes bubble wrapped in it’s red velvet drawstring bag. The base of the toy is almost too big for the bag, but it still fits. The drawstring bag is perfect for storage!


Personal comments:

When I first received my plug, I was looking over it and I noticed that on the inside there is two very small black dots. They aren’t really noticeable unless inspecting it. Some people may find that this is a problem, However I don’t since it’s just a toy that is going to be up my butt.



You can find it here.

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