Ziggy ~ Review


Pros: Beautiful, Green, Glass, Comfortable, Not too large, Temperature play

Cons: None


Ziggy is a great butt plug that could work for anyone. The base is large enough that you don’t have to worry about it slipping inside you, So anal or vaginal play is safe. If you plan on using it vaginally, make sure not to thrust too hard due to the fact that you could bruise your cervix. Ziggy can find your g-spot or p-spot and help cause intense orgasms. This plug can be worn while masturbating alone, during intercourse or during chores around the house.



Ziggy is made out of borosilicate glass which has a safety rating of 10! If you like plushy or soft toys, Ziggy is not the right one for you. Since it is made out of glass the plug is very firm, which can be a plus since it can apply the right amount of pressure to your g-spot or p-spot. The texture of this toy is bulged, and has 3 bubble like balls on the top.



When I first saw Ziggy, I fell in love with the shape and had to have it. Ziggy is a beautiful green color with 3 bubble like balls at the top of the plug. While inserting the plug you can feel each bubble sort of pop into place. It’s not an overwhelming sensation, it feels amazing. I would recommend this butt plug for any users interested in trying anal for the first time or someone is already enjoys anal. The size is great for anyone. While Ziggy doesn’t have a realistic look to it, the design is still amazing. It’s not very discreet, most people could probably figure out what it is. Ziggy is definitely suitable for travel. It’s small enough to fit in a purse or travel bag. The measurements of Ziggy are as follows:
4 1/2”
Insertable length:
4 1/2”
1 1/2”
Neck diameter:
5.2 oz





This plug is very easy to use. You simply apply a little bit of lube to your plug, a little bit to yourself and slowly slide it in or lower yourself onto it. Since this plug is glass, a little lube will go a long way. Ziggy is very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The first day I got it, I wore it around the house and while cooking dinner and I had no discomfort at all.

Care and Maintenance:

With most glass toys, they’re very easy to clean. Ziggy is no different. You can simply just wipe him down with a toy clean, use soap and water or boil to sterilize him! Make sure to clean around each ‘bubble’ really good. I store Ziggy in the red drawstring bag that came with it. With all glass toys, they’re compatible with all lubricants. Water, oil, silicone.

Personal comments:

While I was taking photos of Ziggy, I noticed on the bottom of the base there is a minor flaw. It’s not a problem for me, However it could be for some.



You can find it here


  • AceWolf2142
    August 27, 2015 - 12:33 AM | Permalink

    Question, Is it as tough as the pyrex toys out there? I’ve dropped my pyrex toys before and they just bounce. Any worry of cracking or breaking?

  • Reviews By a Nerd
    September 1, 2015 - 12:12 PM | Permalink

    I’m not sure what kind of glass this toy is made out of, so I’m not 100% sure!

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