Mini Nipple Suckers ~ Review


Pros: Easy to clean, Discreet, Pink!

Cons: Might not work for advanced nipple play users, Material, Suction did nothing for me.


The mini nipple suckers by Cal Exotics are meant to be placed on your nipples to heighten sensitivity. You could also place one on your clit, however I wouldn’t due to the material it’s made out of. I found out that when I put these on my leg, the suction was really strong and when I put them on my nipples, the suction sucked. I’m not sure if it’s because they just don’t work great on nipples or if it’s because my nipples aren’t as sensitive as they use to be due to all the nipple play I do. With that being said, I believe that if you’re looking to get into nipple play for the first time, these could be great for you.




The mini nipple suckers are made out of PVC, which has an Eden safety rating of 2. They have a smooth texture. I found that if you put a little bit of lube or water around the edge of the suckers, it helps with the suction. If you use lube make sure to only use water and silicone lubricant.


These suckers are a bright pink color.They’re very small and light weight. They’re only about an inch in length. The tip forms into a pointy shape that makes it fit nicely around your nipple. Just squeeze the sucker and stick it wherever you like!



Care and Maintenance:

These are made out of PVC which you can clean by using warm water and antibacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner. They’re small enough that you could store them anywhere. They’ll even fit in your pocket!


The packaging for these nipple suckers was a plastic covering with a paper insert. It comes with a little bit of information on the front and back of the paper. The packaging is not discreet, it clearly says nipple suckers across the top.



Rating ❤❤

You can find them here.


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