Codys Cat Hats Pasties ~ Review



Pink Pearl and Seashell are made by CodysCatHats!

Pros: Adorable, Fast/discreet shipping, Wide variety of designs, Affordable.

Cons: Doesn’t comes with tape/not self adhesive (but is explained why!)

CodysCatHats is a small one woman Etsy store based out of Texas! She makes unique, handcrafted pasties in a wide variety of designs. Anything from sports to unicorns! The quality of the pasties are really good and the owner is really friendly! Some of you may be curious about the shop name (I know I was!) here is the explanation of it! The rather unusual name comes from the shop cat Cody, a fluffy Persian who enjoys nothing more then getting into crafting boxes and being an all around nuisance !! He is the spokes model and loves to pose for pictures with the pasties. So I started making “hats for cats”.


Pasties can be used for a few different reasons: Burlesque shows, play parties, wearing them in the bedroom, the possibilities are endless for pastie wear! When I pulled out my pasties to try them on, I had 3 types of tape laying around that I tried! Double sided tape, packing tape, and some white tape from a first aid kit! The issue that I found with all 3 types was that it didn’t want to stick to the mesh cloth on the back. So I tried putting the tape on myself instead of the pastie and I got it to work…somewhat! It would stick for 30 seconds or so, then slowly start to come off. I may get some eye lash glue or pastie tape sometime in the future! These pasties are too cute not to wear!


The quality of these pasties is great! The pasties are made out of foam, hand painted and backed by a durable mesh cloth, so you can re use them! Be sure to keep your pasties away from direct sunlight and heat!



Adhesive options:

When ordering from CCH’s, you receive a paper insert that has some adhesive tips:

  • Doublesided tape: Use 2 strips on each pastie on the top and bottom, 4 strips on top, bottom and both sides for optimal support. This is recommended for household use were the pastie is intended to come off rather quickly.
  • Wig/Toupe/Pastie tape: A more durable double sided tape espically formulated for skin. Available at beauty supply shops like Sally’s. Use 2 strips on each pastie, on the top or bottom, 4 strips on top, bottom and both sides for optimal support. This is recommended for household or stage use were the pastie is required to stay on longer and more secure.
  • Liquid Latex/Spirit Gum/Eye Lash glue: Lather generously on the inside of the pastie and hold the pastie in place until the glue has dried completely. This is recommended only if the pastie is required to stay on the skin for long periods of time and needs to be absolutely secure. There might be some discomfort involved when removing the pastie.

The pasties do not come with any type of glue due to the face that CCH’s is located in Texas and the Texas heat with cause the tape to come off and cause damage to the pasties.


Cody’s Cat Hats makes some of the cutest pasties I’ve seen on Etsy! She has designs of sugar skulls, Halloween themed, cupcakes, Cookie monster, animals, jewels, sports, Hello kitty, Ninja turtles and so much more! When I reached out to her to see if I could review some products, she asked which ones I would be interested in and I knew I had to have the blue seashells and pink pearls!

The pink pearls come with a pink glittery background with different size pearls covering the whole thing. The blue seashells is a glittery blue background with darker blue painted lines for detail and white pearls going across the bottom! I asked for one to be in their small size(pink pearl!) and one to be in their medium size(seashell!), but I think extra small may have worked better for me.







There really shouldn’t be much care and maintenance needed for these pasties besides keeping them out of direct sunlight and away from heat! I would avoid getting them wet as well.


I received my pasties in a discreet, plain box. They were secure, so they weren’t bouncing around the box during its travel here! When I opened the box, I found each pair of pasties in its own zip lock baggie along with a adorable business card and adhesive tip guide! 

Rating ❤❤❤❤

Even though I couldn’t get any of my tape to work, I’m determined to find a way that works for me and take some photos wearing them!

Etsy page ~ Facebook

Cody’s Cat Hats makes some of the cutest pasties around! Below are a few of my personal favs~


I received this product free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.

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