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I was sent the Galaxy Master Burlesque pasties and the Mr. and Mrs. Mouse Burlesque pasties by Pretty In Pasties free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review!

Pros: Adorable, Unique designs, Amazing quality, Comes with adhesive.

Cons: None!

Pretty In Pasties is a small Etsy shop based out of San Diego California that hand crafts the cutest pasties around! She makes unique, handcrafted pasties in a wide variety of designs. The quality of these pasties are amazing and the owner was really friendly!


Pasties can be used for many different reasons! It’s really up to you how/where you want to wear them. A few examples are Burlesque shows, play parties, or wearing them in the bedroom. The possibilities are endless for pastie wear! When I pulled my pasties out of the envelope I noticed that they were self adhesive! I was super excited about that because the last pasties I reviewed weren’t and I couldn’t find anything around the house to use that would work! I peeled the back off of the tape and placed them on to see if they would stick….and they did! The tape held them in place pretty well. If you plan to wear yours out or for a long period of time, I would use a stronger pastie adhesive!


These pasties are made out of sequins and soft buckram cotton cloth.The sequins are attached meticulously by hand with an industrial strength adhesive and the soft buckram cotton cloth covers the back. You have to admire that each one of these pasties are so well handcrafted. The quality is amazing and you can tell they will last you a long time if taken care of properly! You won’t ever have to worry about a sequin coming off!


Adhesive options:

Here are some adhesive tips from my last pastie review:

  • Doublesided tape: Use 2 strips on each pastie on the top and bottom, 4 strips on top, bottom and both sides for optimal support. This is recommended for household use were the pastie is intended to come off rather quickly.
  • Wig/Toupe/Pastie tape: A more durable double sided tape espically formulated for skin. Available at beauty supply shops like Sally’s. Use 2 strips on each pastie, on the top or bottom, 4 strips on top, bottom and both sides for optimal support. This is recommended for household or stage use were the pastie is required to stay on longer and more secure.
  • Liquid Latex/Spirit Gum/Eye Lash glue: Lather generously on the inside of the pastie and hold the pastie in place until the glue has dried completely. This is recommended only if the pastie is required to stay on the skin for long periods of time and needs to be absolutely secure. There might be some discomfort involved when removing the pastie.


Pretty In Pasties has some of the cutest pasties I’ve seen. As soon as I saw the Yoda pasties, I knew I had to have them! The Mickey/Minnie ones were my second favorite! Yoda is a bright green color with eye details. They’re about 3 inches in height and 5 inches in width. When ordering you can get them with or without tassels. Mickey/Minnie are solid black in the classic Mickey Mouse ear shape. Mickey is plain and Minnie has a red polka dotted bow. They’re about 3 1/2 inches in height and 3 inches in width. When ordering this pair you get to choose if you want 2 Mickeys, 2 Minnies or mix & match like I did! You can also order these with or without tassels.



The shipping for these were pretty fast! The return address does say Pretty In Pasties, but there are cute owls next to it, so it wasn’t an issue! The packaging for these were very nice! They came sealed in a plastic baggie with a business card included.


Rating ❤❤❤❤❤

You can purchase Galaxy Master for $26 and Mr. and Mrs. Mouse for $18 from Pretty In Pasties!


I received this product free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.

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