Shapely Wood Butt Plug ~ Review



I was sent this wooden butt plug by ShapelyWood free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review!

Pros: Beautiful, Affordable, Nice quality.

Cons: Cannot be sterilized, Owner takes a long time to reply.

Shapely Wood is an Etsy shop based out of Wisconsin that creates exotic and domestic wood art. They make sex toys, pens, key chains, jewelry and much more! Their work is beautiful and the quality is great, but the owner is on the sketchy side.(I really don’t like being negative, but I feel like my readers should know)

At first he was worried that I was trying to rip him off, so I provided names of a few Etsy shops I had worked with and then he decided it should be okay. He asked for my shipping information, I gave it to him and then a month went by with no package or message. He let me know he had been busy working on a gallery for the summer (which is fine, I understand people get busy!) At the end of the message he told me he wanted to know what I looked like and asked if there was anyway for him to see. To me that was creepy, you don’t need to know what I look like for me to review an item. Again, another month went by and then I finally received my item. He messaged me a few days after receiving the package curious to know if it had arrived safe and that’s the last I’ve heard from him. That was May 1st.I’ve messaged him a few times since and haven’t heard back. I’m just hoping that he gives his actual customers attention and gets their orders out to them in a reasonable time.


Butt plugs can add fun to your everyday activities! I personally like wearing them around the house when I’m cleaning, it makes things interesting! You can wear them out while your shopping or even to work! The most common way of using them is to wear one during sex/masturbation. This toy slides in easy and stays put (I do wish the base was slightly bigger). Be sure to only use water based lube with your wooden toys!


Another downfall to Shapely Wood is that on the butt plug I was sent, it didn’t have any information about the toy. Not the measurements, not what’s it made out of, nothing! You can see the listing here! All I know about the material is that it’s made out of wood, just not what type of wood. There is no texture on this toys, it’s completely smooth. The quality of this toy seems to be very good!


My wooden butt plug is a beautiful dark wood color. The tip has been cut to be smooth on top and not pointy! The base is a decent size, I just wish it was half an inch bigger just to be on the safe side! The toy is completely smooth all over, so sliding it in will be easy! The measurements for my toy are as follows:

  • Total length – 4 inches
  • Useable length – 3.75 inches
  • Diameter at widest point – 1.5ish inches
  • Circumference at widest point – 5 inches
  • Base diameter – 2 inches





It would have been nice if a care sheet was provided, since not everyone knows a lot about wood toys. Since there wasn’t, I’m going to copy and paste the care instructions from my Lady Wood Dildo review!

  • Gently wipe clean with water and a soft cloth or sponge, this is sufficient to clean the toy after use. If you wish to use anything other than water, use a mild soap to take care of the finish.
  • Do not allow the toy to remain submerged in liquid for prolonged periods.
  • Do not put in dishwasher or boil.
  • Always check for damage before use. Check to see that the finish is intact and bare wood is not exposed – bare wood could harbor bacteria and render the toy unhygienic. The finish should not thin through normal use with gentle cleaning, but it is always the best to check to make sure!
  • A good way to check for bare wood is to dunk the toy in water for a few seconds and then observe how the water behaves on the surface of the wood. It should bead up and there should be no change in color. Bare wood tends to darken when wet.” it is bad to leave it submerged for long periods but the odd dunk in water won’t do it any harm.
  • Avoid scratching the toy or dropping it on a hard surface –  this could damage the finish and dent the wood. If there is ever a dent in the wood do not use the toy.
  • Do not store in an excessively humid environment or an environment with extreme of temperature.
  • Use sensibly!


My toy arrived in a discreetly labeled box. Inside was paper to keep it from moving around during it’s travel. Everything arrived safely! Inside I found my toy and a few business cards. It didn’t come with a storage pouch, but you could easily make or buy one.

Rating ❤❤❤

I received this product free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.

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