Silvarus Double Drop ~ Review



I was sent the Double Drop free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review by Silvarus!

Pros: Great quality, Beautiful, Smooth, Affordable for a wooden toy.

Cons: Can’t be sterilized.

Silvarus is an Etsy shop based out of Ottawa, Canada that creates beautiful, one of a kind wooden dildos. Each piece is a work of art. The quality of his products are amazing. You can tell that a lot of time and effort is put into each dildo. Richard, the owner, is incredibly sweet and friendly!

The owner is giving you guys a discount code valid for 1 week! Use the code ‘reviewsbyanerd’ for 10% off your order!


Double drop was my 3rd wooden sex toy, but it’s easily my most favorite! The design and shape make this a beautiful dildo. It is double ended. I tend to use the smaller side as a handle, which works nicely! Each end hits my g-spot nicely! Since this dildo does not have a base, I wouldn’t recommend using it anally. If you plan to share it with other people, please use a condom since it cannot be sterilized!


My dildo is made out of maple wood. It has a clean, pale look to it. There is no texture on this toy. It is completely smooth! I love just running my hand over the dildo. It doesn’t have any drag to it, but I’d still recommend using some water based lube! The quality of my dildo is amazing! I can tell it’s going to last me a very long time with proper care!


Coming to life:

‘It always start with selecting the perfect piece of wood for the design. I prefer Cherry, Maple, Ash or Walnut for my projects. I find the wood need to present a nice grain and pattern for a good outcome. Maple and Cherry has nice lines of grain in wave patterns while it also looks nice and clean. Walnut has nice lines but more straight, and of course the wood has a rich dark colour. Ash can present itself in many different patterns and it’s therefore not always certain that the final product will become as presentable as I first would have hoped. I try to use reclaimed wood as much as I can, and some dildos are even made from old furniture like chairs and bedframes.

Design is usually done on the fly, improvised on the spot with the blank in front of me. The wood itself therefore has a certain input in what design would work for that specific piece. It is then roughly cut out by bandsaw before the major shaping work with different knifes and blades takes over… followed by hours of sanding and surface prep.

One of my favorite moments is when I apply the first and second coating of surface varnish. After all the sanding the surface of the dildo can be dull and lifeless, but when the first brush strokes of varnish is applied, the grain and rich wood colour comes to life and you can see how the final product will present itself.’





The double drop is a simple, yet beautiful design. The maple wood that it is made out of shows beautiful grain detailing on over the toy. It is very light weight. It is double ended and curved, making it great for g-spot play! The measurements for this toy are as follows:

  • Total length – 9 inches.
  • Useable length – 8 inches.
  • Smallest bulb diameter – 1.50 inches.
  • Middle diameter – 1 inch.
  • Largest bulb diameter – 1.75 inches.





On the Silvarus listings it has a bit of information on how to clean and care for your toy:

  • Any kind of water or oil based lubricant can be used safely. Only use mild soap and water to clean the dildo. NEVER use any solvents or alcohol.


The shipping for my toy was super fast! It only took 5 days to get from Canada to the east coast. The label on my box was marked as a ‘gift’, so it’s very discreet! Inside I found my toy securely wrapped with bubble wrap. It also came wrapped in a piece of felt, but any orders now will come with a stylish fabric pouch for storage and transportation!

Rating ❤❤❤❤❤

You can purchase your own wooden dildo anywhere from $80 and up at Silvarus!


I received this product free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.

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