Bad Dragon Rex ~ Review



I was sent Rex free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review by Bad Dragon!

Pros: Silicone, Customizable, Multiple sizes available, Easy to clean

Cons: Can get expensive, Knot doesn’t work well for my anatomy.

Rating ❤❤❤❤


My love for fantasy shaped toys is pretty obvious by now, Miss Ruby Reviews once referred to me as a fantasy dildo boss which I took as a huge compliment! K9 shaped dildos are one of my favorites because of the knot. Knots on toys can often be a deal breaker, but I personally love them! So when I saw Bad Dragon released a new k9 toy, I knew I needed to get my hands on it! Rex is a realistic, in my opinion, looking dildo, so that might turn some people off.  The bulbous knot on Rex gives you the feeling of being full, which is amazing! However, the knot is my biggest issue on this toy and it’s because of my anatomy and probably because the length is too long for me. I can get the knot in, but I have to be sitting on it to get it to stay in or I have to hold it in. If I try to lay on my back with it in, it pops out. It’s not a huge issue for me, but I tend to reach for other k9 toys because of it. The base on Rex works well to hold for thrusting, and the suction cup add-on works well for riding as well as making it anal safe! As I state in every review, if you plan to share this toy between holes or partners use a condom or boil him!


The majority of toys at Bad Dragon are made out of 100% silicone! Silicone is my personal favorite sex toy material because it’s IMG_1554 (2)body safe, non porous, phthalate free, can be completely sterilized and can come in different firmness options. Most of the toys at Bad Dragon come in 3 different firmness options, but Rex is currently only available in 2. You get to choose between soft and medium. I got mine in their medium firmness, which is a bit softer and more forgiving then I normally like. Their medium firmness has a bit of squish to it and can be floppy. If you aren’t sure which firmness you should choose, they do sell firmness samples for $10. Rex has just a slight bit of vein detailing on the shaft.


Rex is a German IMG_1541 (2)Shepherd inspired dildo. Like I stated earlier, Rex is a realistic looking k9 cock. You have the pointed head that goes into the vein covered shaft down to the bulbous knot. One of my favorite things about this toy is that once you knot the toy, there is plenty of room between the knot and the base. Some toys don’t leave enough room and it makes knotting a bit more difficult, but Rex leaves plenty of room for the knot to sit comfortably. When I was deciding on what size to get, I originally wanted to get the large size because of hrexsow big the knot is, but with the 10 inch useable length, I knew I wouldn’t be able to fit the shaft and knot all in because I can normally only fit about 8.5 inches, so I chose to get my toy in their medium size. The medium size has a good amount of length on the shaft before getting to the large knot. The medium size works well for me, I just wish the shaft was a tad bit shorter so the knot would stay in properly. Rex comes in four sizes, so he will work for anyone! The color of my toy is one of their birth stone colors, which they’re doing every month! The color of mine is March’s birth stone, Aquamarine. It’s a beautiful blue color with a touch of shimmer. Honestly, I don’t think my camera picked up how incredibly pretty this color is. I highly suggest checking out the monthly birth stone color, they have all been amazing so far. Alexandrite is June’s birth stone color and it’s incredible! I can’t wait to see October’s color.

IMG_1556 (2)heknIMG_1557 (2)Customizing:

When ordering from Bad Dragon, you can purchase a ready made toy in the adoption section or you can completely customize your toy! When ordering a custom toy, first you choose what size you would like. Rex comes in mini($50), small($70), medium($110), large($125) and extra large($150)! Next you get to choose which firmness you would like. Currently, Rex only comes in soft and medium. Then you get to choose if you want the cum tube feature(+$20) or the suction cup feature (+$10). Lastly you get to choose your color! They have standard colors you can pick from, fades, marbles, splits, toy exclusive colors. If you ever have an idea and want to see if it’s possible, you can send them an email and ask! My customer service experience with them has been amazing, they’re friendly and helpful! If you were to order my exact toy it would cost you around $135!


When it comes to cleaning all of my Bad Dragon toys, it’s always really easy! Their silicone isn’t as tacky/doesn’t have as much drag as other silicone, so cleaning them with a baby wipe is always easy. I then later wash them with soap and water to make sure it’s completely clean. To clean your toy, you can use a mild soap and water, baby wipes, a toy cleaner, a 10% bleach solution or boil it for 3 to 5 minutes. All Bad Dragon toys come in a plastic bag, which makes for great storage. As always, only use water based lubricant with your silicone toys!


The shipping time for your toy is going to depend on if your toy is a ready made or if it’s a custom order. I’ve had a custom order take up to around 1 month to ship and I’ve had ready made orders ship within a week! So, keep that in mind when you’re ordering your toy. The shipping is discreet from Bad Dragon, so no need to worry that someone will be able to tell where it’s from. Inside the box you’ll find packing peanuts, tissue paper and whatever you ordered! If your toy is a custom order it will come in their newest bag, clear on one side and black with their logo on the other. If it’s a ready made toy, it’ll come in a completely clear bag. Be sure to look over the toy as much as you can before opening it. Once you open the bag, it’s not possible to return it.

You can purchase Rex from Bad Dragon starting at $50!

logoI received this product free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review from Bad Dragon.


  • dv8
    August 23, 2015 - 9:13 PM | Permalink

    Which Bad Dragon toys aren’t made out of 100% silicone?

  • Shadowleap
    August 28, 2015 - 3:20 AM | Permalink

    What exactly does silicone lube do to silicone toys?

  • Lucrezia Miller
    August 30, 2015 - 6:24 PM | Permalink

    This and Chance are probably my two biggest ‘wants’ from Bad Dragon. I have their Razor the Doberman and the dragon tongue and both are fantastic, unfortunately school takes most of my spare money, so it’s something I’ll have to save up for. 😉 Great review as always!

  • RBAN
    August 30, 2015 - 8:11 PM | Permalink

    I believe just their bullet vibe that they sell! 😛

  • Reviews By a Nerd
    September 1, 2015 - 12:12 PM | Permalink

    It can ruin your toy. You can read more about it here:

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