We-Vibe Pleasure Mates Collection ~ Review

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I was sent the Pleasure Mates Collection free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review by Good Vibrations!

Pros: Silicone, Can buy separately, Strong vibrations, Multiple speeds/patterns, Easy controls, Quiet.

Cons: Expensive, Tango light flashes when low/dead(also a pro!)

Rating ❤❤❤❤


I’m going to start this review by saying that the We-Vibe Tango is the absolute bullet vibrator on the market! If someone asks me for vibrator recommendations, I always include the Tango in my list! I’ve never been a bullet fan, but the Tango changed my opinion and I believe that this is a toy everyone needs in their collection! The pleasure mates are accessories for the Tango! The Dusk is a butt plug and the Glow is a g-spot dildo. The great thing about the accessories is that they are sold separately. So, if you already have a Tango and just want to buy Glow ($59) or just Dusk ($49), then you can! I personally suggest just buying the Tango on it’s own.

Tango; As I stated above, the Tango is amazing and well loved/raved about in the sex toy world! It’s really powerful, has multiple speeds and patterns, is rechargeable, waterproof, and quiet! I mean, there’s really no flaws to the Tango! It’s very easy to use. There’s only one button that controls turning it on, off and cycling through the different settings. The Tango is easy to use alone, paired with a dildo, during sex or in the base of dildos that have bullet holes! Most of the vibrators that have bullet holes come with cheap bullets that aren’t powerful, so you can swap those out with the Tango and it makes them way better!

Dusk; Dusk is the butt plug accessory to the Tango. You simply slide the Tango into the opening on the base. It has a tapered head which makes it easy to insert. It’s a good sized plug for people with the slightest amount of anal experience. I found that I prefer the Dusk vaginally over anally. When I use it vaginally, I can squeeze my PC muscles around the head of the Dusk while the Tango is on my clit and it feels amazing! Using the Dusk as a butt plug isn’t as enjoyable. The neck on it is a bit too short for me, so it can get uncomfortable and the vibrations make me itchy when I wear it as a plug.

Glow; Glow is the G-spot dildo accessory to the Tango. It has a slight curve to help reach your G-spot. Unfortunately, this isn’t a toy that reaches my G-spot. Honestly, it’s a toy that doesn’t really do anything for me. Glow was my least favorite out of the three items in this collection. It’s not long enough to be a good thrusting dildo for me personally, but if you don’t prefer a lot of length this could be a great thrusting dildo. You slide your Tango into the bullet hole in the bottom of the base and now you have a vibrating G-spot dildo.


The We-Vibe Tango is made out of ABS plastic and the Pleasure Mates are made out of high quality silicone. The silicone doesn’t have much drag to it, but I always recommend using a bit of water-based lube with any silicone toy! The Tango, Dusk and Glow are all very smooth, there is no texture on any of them. The silicone is quite firm, equivalent to Tantus firm and the ABS plastic is very firm,  equivalent to glass or steel.



The controls for the Tango are very simple and easy to use! To turn the Tango on, you just push the button on the base once. To cycle through the speeds and patterns, you simply push the button until you find one that you like. To turn the Tango off, you just hold the button down for a few seconds or it will turn off when you cycle through all of the speeds and patterns. One thing that I really like about the Tango is that whichever speed or pattern it’s turned off on is going to be the one it starts on, so you won’t have to cycle back through to find your favorite! The Tango has 8 vibrations modes. There are 3 speeds; low, medium and high. There are 5 different patterns; ultra, tease, wave, pulse and cha-cha. My personal favorites are the low speed and the pulse pattern. The low speed is very strong for a bullet, so most of the time I never make it to the medium or high setting!


The newer Tango has an updated charger that works so much better then the old one! On the bottom of the Tango and the charger, there are magnets that click together to hold it in place while it’s charging. When the charging cap light is on, it means thchaat the toy is charging and when the light is off, that means that the Tango if either fully charged or that the charging cap isn’t connected right. The manual says to charge your Tango for 90 minutes before the first use. When the Tango is about to die/is dead, it will flash an orange light until it is charged. I included that in my con list because it can get annoying. I keep my Tango in a plastic storage bin next to my bed, so when it’s dying I’ll wake up to an orange flash in the middle of the night. It’s also a pro because it lets you know when it needs to be charged, which the old Tango doesn’t do. The charger for the Tango is a USB charger, but you could always plug it into a USB compatible outlet charger. I personally just plug mine into my Xbox 360 to charge it. It takes about 90 minutes to charge it and it lasts for about 2 hours!


The design of the Tango is a sleek, tiny vibrator! It’s about the size of a lipstick tube. The updated Tango is a tad bit longer then the older one and the flat tip seems to be a bit more narrow. Dusk has a design of most butt plugs, but the base is different since it’s meant to fit in the Tango in it! Lastly, Glow has a design very similar to Ella by Lelo. The tip is targeted for G-spot stimulation. Tango comes in blue, pink and a pearly white when purchased with the Pleasure Mates collection. Dusk is slate color and Glow is a pretty pink color. The Tango is 3.5 inches long with a .7 inch diameter, Dusk is 3.7 inches long with a 1.2 inch diameter, and Glow is 5.7 inches long with a 1.5 inch diameter.


IMG_1692 (2)IMG_1691 (2)


Caring for the pleasure mates collection is very simple! For the Dusk and Glow, you can boil them for 3 to 5 minutes, use a 10% bleach solution, use a mild soap and water, a toy cleaner or throw them on the top rack of the dishwasher. To clean the Tango, you can use a mild soap and water, a toy cleaner or a 10% bleach solution. You do NOT want to boil your Tango since it has a motor. I keep my collection stored together in the storage bag that they came with. Be sure to use a dab of water based lube with your toys!


The shipping from Good Vibes is always fast and discreet. So no one will know what you’re ordering. The packaging for this toy is very nice! The outside of the box says the name of the collection as well as has a photo of it. When you take the lid off, you’ll find each item laying in a piece of protective foam. When you pull the foam piece out, there is a piece of cardboard that you need to pull out to find the charger, manual and storage bag. The box makes for a perfect storage place for the pleasure mates collection!

pacYou can purchase the Pleasure Mates Collection from Good Vibrations for $149!

logoI received this product free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review from Good Vibes.


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