Ask a Sex Toy Reviewer: Q & A


I love when you guys ask me questions, whether it’s about toys or just my life in general! So, I wanted to start doing a monthly(ish) Q & A type post on my blog! You can ask me anything your heart desires! There are a few ways you can contact me to ask a question; (Let me know it’s for my Q & A!)

  • My contact page.
  • Asking on
  • Messaging me on kik @reviewsbyanerd
  • Sending me an ask on Tumblr

What color holds best in a silicone toy??

Honestly, that’s something that I don’t know! Maybe you could ask Tails & Portholes or Damn Average! They can probably give you a better answer then I could.

Hi, I just had a quick question if you don’t mind but, I was wondering if Bad Dragon is a good company. I’m new to the adult toy world and they are a bit costly but I’m so interested in them and I’d love to buy something from them. So my question is; Are they worth it and do you think they’d be too big for someone who’s never used a toy before? Thank you so much!~ Any help would be appreciated.

Everyone has their own opinion on Bad Dragon. I personally have always had really great service from them and I’ve never had an issue with any of the toys I’ve owned. Bad Dragon toys can be expensive, but you get to completely customize the toy how you want, plus the quality is great. I definitely think they’re worth investing in. As far as being to big for someone who has never used a toy before, they offer mini and small options, so most likely you will be able to find a toy that will work for you!

What are your top 5 favorite toys?

Hm, my top 5 favorite toys would be:

  1. Tantus Echo Handle
  2. Bad Dragon Chance
  3. We-Vibe Tango
  4. Metal Nipple Clamps
  5. Magic Wand Rechargeable

What’s your favorite pizza restaurant?

I love pizza, but I hardly ever eat it. There is a local pizza place here that makes an amazing chicken BBQ pizza, but between popular pizza joints, I’d have to say Papa Johns because of their garlic dipping sauce!

When did you first start playing with yourself and how did you do it?

I started playing with myself when I was very young. If I had to guess an age, I would say around 10. I started how I think most girls start, using my fingers and random household items.

What kinks/fetishes are you into?

My favorite kinks/fetishes would be:

  • Any kind of nipple play; sucked, bitten, pulled, clamped, bruised, being hit and/or tortured.
  • Large sex toys and pussy stretching.
  • I enjoy the Daddy/little girl aspect of BDSM.
  • I love the idea of inducing lactation.
  • I love any kind of bruising.
  • Breast bondage.
  • Fisting.

What is the smallest dildo you own and the biggest?

The smallest dildo I own is probably a Terrier from Gespensts Fantasy Gear. It’s 4 inches tall and has a diameter of 1.5 inches. When I purchased this toy, I fully intended on using it as decoration rather then a toy since it’s so small! As far as the largest dildo, it would definitely be Amir! He’s 14 inches tall and has a diameter of 2.83 inches at the largest point!

Do you play any video games? If so, what system do you own and which games do you play?

I sure do! I am and always will be an Xbox girl! I’m hoping to get an Xbox One soon so I can get the new Halo games! Some of my favorite games on the 360 are:

  • The Halo series.
  • The Fable series.
  • Left 4 Dead series.
  • Viva Pinata series.
  • Tetris Splash.
  • Saints Row: The 3rd.
  • The Bioshock series.
  • Peggle.
  • Disney Universe.
  • And some of the Lego games!

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