Nipple Clamps with Weights ~ Review

NCWIMG_1846 (2)I was sent the Nipple Clamps with Weights free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review by Meo!

Pros: Good quality, Strong grip, Added weight, They feel amazing on!

Cons: Expensive, If you don’t like pain on your nipples these aren’t for you.

Rating ❤❤❤❤❤

I love nipple play, I can’t get enough of it. I enjoy having my nipples sucked, bitten, pinched, pulled, you name it. So 99% of the time I have nipple clamps on when I’m masturbating. I normally just use my Jaws with Chain nipple clamps and I’ll add my own weight to them or I’ll pull on them, so when I received an email letting me know that I was getting these for review, I was very excited! I’ve always wanted to try weighted nipple clamps, but I just never got around to buying any. They are easy to put on and stay in place once they are on. The rubber grips help keep them on your nipple and to help them from pulling off from the added weight. They open wide enough for anyone to be able to use them, whether you have big or small nipples.

These clamps are so strong and pretty heavy! When I have these on my nipples, they feel amazing and cause a great sensation. The weight just adds to the pleasure! I personally enjoy wear these while I have my breast bound, it feels incredible.  If you aren’t into any kind of pain on your nipples or you only enjoy a little bit of pain on your nipples, I definitely don’t recommend these to you.

clThese clamps are made out of, I’m assuming, stainless steel. The grips on the clamps are made out of a rubber material. They weigh 140 g and are about 7 inches in total length. You shouldn’t need to clean these, but if you wanted you could wipe the rubber grips down with a baby wipe or a wet paper towel. They’re small enough to fit perfectly in a dresser drawer or any kind of storage box!

IMG_1852 (2)I received these clamps in a giant box full of goodies! It was shipped from Germany on November 12th and got to the East Coast on the 16th! I was shocked at how fast it got here! When I got the box, I did notice that you could see some of the invoice and it clearly said vibrator on it, but fellow sex bloggers told me that it was probably customs that did it and that their items had been shipped very discreetly! So, I don’t blame Meo for the issue! They were very upset when they saw my Twitter post and assured me that’s not how they ship their items! They have been very professional and nice every time I’ve communicated with them. The clamps came wrapped and sealed in bubble wrap to keep them safe!

You can purchase the Nipple Clamps with Weights from Meo for about $50!

1zek3ftI received this product free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review from Meo.

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