6 toys I want to try in 2016!



kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer;

First up on my list is the kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer! It is an interactive training system for female pelvic floor exercise. Maybe I’m the only person like this, but when I do my kegel exercises, I honestly never know if I’m doing a good job or even if I’m doing them correctly. As soon as I saw the Kickstarter page, I was immediately interested in it and needed to get my hands on it! I think it’s a product that could really help me with doing my exercises properly. So far I’ve read some pretty great reviews on it, so I’m hoping I can get a hold of one!

UPDATE: I got one and will be reviewing it soon!

Proxy Paige edition Moonshiner;

Once again, as soon as I saw Hole Punch release the Proxy Paige edition Moonshiner, I fell in love! I love the color combo of it and the fact that it’s a body safe botIMG_6207tle! The size and design looks amazing to me! On my journey of becoming a size queen and my love for pussy stretching, I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to use a wine bottle as a toy, but the fact that it wasn’t safe to do so made me steer clear of trying it. I’ve been waiting for a toy company to create a silicone version of some sort of bottle and sadly I believe there’s only maybe 3 floating around. So props to Hole Punch for doing so! I’m hoping this year, my dream of stuffing my pussy with a wine bottle will come true! ps. If this is a toy that interests you, I would recommend checking out their Misfits toy section, you maybe lucky enough to get one at a discounted price! There’s currently one available with a steep discount! 


The toys at Fucking Sculptures are truly works of art, just looking at their toys should help you understand why someone would want one! I’ve been dying to get my hands on a G-Spoon for a while now! The design, shape and texture looks amazing. My dream G-Spoon would be the large size in their beautiful gold color!

Njoy Pure Plug (large);

A while back9200000027357505 I won a medium size Njoy Pure Plug, in a giveaway and it’s easily the most comfortable plug I’ve ever wore. I can wear it all day without an discomfort, the only problem with it is that the medium size is pretty small. The Pure Plug large seems like it would be a better size for me, even the Pure Plug 2.0 would work!

Halfling (medium);

I’m a huge fan of Exotic-Erotics toys. Their designs, size, and color options are amazing. The HalfiHalflingMediumng is a toy that really appeals to me. It’s no secret that I love large toys, the bigger the better, but the one thing I’ve noticed about large toys is that the bigger the diameter, the more length you have. So you can have a toy that’s 3 inches in diameter, but you have to be able to take all 10 inches to reach the 3 inch diameter mark, which I can’t do. So, the halfling seems like the perfect toy because it has the 3 inch diameter that I want, but it’s only 7.75 inches usable, which is a lot more doable for me personally!

Tower of Pleasure & Pain;

Nipple play wastower-of-pleasure-pain-ref-8694-00 one of the first sexual experiences that I had and it’s easily my all time favorite thing. Since discovering nipple trees on the internet, I’ve wondered what it would be like to use one! They look like a ton of fun to use alone and with someone else! Meo offers the Tower of Pleasure & Pain and it looks like the prefect nipple tree toy!

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