Blowing his mind into a million little pieces

Let’s face it, we live in a blatantly materialistic society – people chase the almighty dollar and their own desires with equally ruthless fervour. Amidst this day-to-day race, we tend to brush aside such things as intimacy, trust and altruism. We extract our few meaningful pleasures from a judicious variety of sexual partners, positions, toys, all that good stuff. In this context and this materialist world, oral sex may be the ultimate act of altruism – think about it: you get down on your knees and suck that dick, just to give pleasure to someone whom you wish to give pleasure. Oral sex is believed by some to be more intimate than conventional sex, as during intercourse we may be more inclined to focus on our own pleasure, and our own impending organism, whereas oral sex is a supremely selfless sexual service (notwithstanding the many of us who get off in a big way from providing pleasure to others).

Oral sex is a sexual act wherein you are dedicating yourself to another – those that take the act seriously can be quite meticulous and earnestly focused on the task at hand. Further to this, oral sex demands trust as one does not simply get down on bended knees for just anybody; it is a serious physical, and sometimes, emotional investment in the satisfaction of your chosen partner.

When a guy empowers you in this way, he is putting his trust in you; he sees something in you that makes him want to cum! To make someone feel comfortable and at ease, you first need to be comfortable yourself. Oral sex is not just about a tongue, a mouth and a dick – much more, in fact. In the pursuit of your partner’s gratification, consider asking your partner what he wants and what excites him the most. Sydney escorts know how to drive a man crazy with their marvelous dedication to this service. First, they may begin by, shall we say, ‘loitering’ around his crotch in order to stir the beginnings of a throbbing erection. Oral sex also requires patience; you don’t just jump on his cock like a famished Labrador! What spices things up considerably is dirty talk, touching, exploring the body and of course, kissing, caressing and licking gently. By doing so, you are readying your man for the deeper stages of this glorious act, this gift from the gods!

Contrary to popular belief, and likely in contrast to the opinions of some of our valued readers, what matters most is technique, not necessarily how deep you can go (not that that skill isn’t tremendously appreciated, too!). Licking the head of the penis and awakening those erogenous zones drives some men absolutely wild. To retain this sense excitement during oral sex requires steadiness and rhythm. Chances are, if you’re feeling happy and satisfied with your performance, he is too! Private girls Sydney are the very best of the best when it comes this great Land Down Under – and intimate acts down under, too. Some girls inject a little further excitement in to the blowjob by gripping the penis tightly or gently stimulating the shaft with her nails (emphasis on ‘gently’!). As many are well aware, one’s pain threshold can have a direct correlation to one’s capacity for greater and greater pleasure – but of course, be naughty, be kinky, but stay safe.

Frankly speaking, while a man may accept one from a women with fangs like a python and blood dripping from her teeth, no man appreciates a soulless blowjob devoid of passion – so experiment down there! Licking, sucking, kissing, caressing – mix it all up and see what your man enjoys best. As for the explosive finish, the choice of swallowing the load is a matter of mutual communication, but can indeed supply a truly epic, orgasmic moment to cap off a great session of oral sex.

So with all that said: on your marks, get set, and suck that cock!

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