Satisfyer Pro 2 VS Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

I was sent the Satisfyer Pro 2/Next Gen free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review by Satisfyer!

Decrease button was added

  • The biggest flaw for me in the original was the fact that you could only increase in speed. You couldn’t decrease the speed unless you turned the toy off and back on, which was annoying and a buzzkill. Thankfully with the next generation, they added a decrease button. So now you can easily cycle through the speeds. The buttons have a (+) and a (-) symbol.

So much quieter

  • The original Satisfyer Pro 2 was so incredibly loud, at least mine was! It was so loud that if someone walked by my room while I was playing they could definitely hear it. The next generation Satisfyer Pro 2 is now so much quieter, you can hardly hear it when it’s on the lower settings. It’s now a discreet sounding toy and I don’t worry about anyone hearing it when I play.

Silicone head hole is larger

  • Whenever I would play with the original Satisfyer Pro 2, I never was a huge fan of it yet I loved the Satisfyer Pro Penguin. I couldn’t figure out why I liked the Pro Penguin and not the Pro 2 until I received the Next Gen Pro 2. The hole for the silicone head is larger on the Next Gen and the Pro Penguin! The smaller hole just didn’t work very well for me, so I’m glad they decided to make it a bit bigger!


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