I am a 23 year old from the United States. I have been reviewing sex toys since January of 2013! I mainly review dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, nipple toys, fantasy shaped toys and lube! I only use and promote body safe sex toys!


The number one question that I get asked is why and how I got into reviewing sex toys, so I figured I would explain it here! Back in October of 2012, I had just lost my virginity and found my love for sex. Well the relationship that I was in ended shortly after and I was left wanting sex, but not wanting to sleep with just anyone. So, I decided that I was going to buy my very first sex toy. For a week or so I browsed around on different sites looking for good deals and an interesting looking toy when I came across the Rainbow Heart dildo and fell in love with how cute it was. Once I finally got the toy, I realized that the website(I won’t be naming it, but I’m sure most of you already know which it is) I purchased it from had a review program where you could review toys that you had purchased and get rewarded for it. So, that started my purchasing and reviewing of sex toys. It was very easy to get toys to review, so my collection quickly grew. You aren’t able to do that on the website anymore and I wouldn’t even recommend that site to you, so if you’re wanting to start reviewing sex toys check out these links:

If you ever have any questions or need help with something, feel free to ask under my contact section!