Blacklisted stores

Adam & Eve:

Once you sign up on their website, if you don’t edit the ‘receive offers in the mail’ to say no, they will sent you pornographic envelopes in the mail. So if you’re worried about your privacy, I wouldn’t order from here.



I ordered a sample set from him and received horrible, almost unbearable smelling samples. I tried everything to get the smell out, but it’s still there. He was nice enough to offer me a full refund though. I have heard from other people that the quality of his toys isn’t the best.


Chemist Direct:

Chemist Direct has screwed me over with a recent giveaway. They offered up a prize to my UK readers, then said it was discontinued, had the winner pick a new prize only to tell me it was out of stock. They had told me both items were shipped, only to take that back. They only want to offer up porous toys and now won’t reply to my emails at all. I don’t know how they would treat an actual customer, but I wouldn’t risk it.  They have been very unprofessional throughout this whole thing!


Eden Fantasys:

There are many issues at Eden, but the main issue I have with them is that they were caught sending people used porous toys in the mail and saying that they were brand new. Porous toys cannot be sterilized and can cause all kinds of issues.


Frisky Beast:

When ordering from Frisky Beast, it can be a hit or miss with communication and actually receiving your items. I ordered a few eggs from them and after a month I still hadn’t received them, so I emailed and never heard anything. I had to email 3 times from different emails accounts before I got a reply. I explained that it had been a few months since ordering and that I still hadn’t received anything. They told me that if by the end of the week I didn’t get them, I could have them remade or get a refund. I opted for the refund and that took forever to get. I had to end up filing a complaint with paypal before they gave it to me. So, I will not be ordering from them again. I have talked with a bunch of people who have had the same thing happen to them.

Gespensts Fantasy Gear:

GFG has a few issues. The biggest being the quality of his toys. Every order I’ve received has had something wrong with it (air bubbles, giant nicks in the shaft, wrong color, etc) as well as the toys never coming in some sort of bag, so they arrive covered in lint/dirt/hair. The owner recently made a post on his Tumblr stating that he doesn’t see anything wrong with the quality of his toys and he will not be improving it. So, I probably won’t be purchasing from him again.


Vamp Silicone:

It’s a hit or miss if you will receive your order with this company. You can buy their toys from SheVibe without having to worry about it.