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$41 - $75 Clamps Nipple toys Reviews

Nipple Clamps with Weights ~ Review

NCWIMG_1846 (2)I was sent the Nipple Clamps with Weights free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review by Meo!

Pros: Good quality, Strong grip, Added weight, They feel amazing on!

Cons: Expensive, If you don’t like pain on your nipples these aren’t for you.

Rating ❤❤❤❤❤

I love nipple play, I can’t get enough of it. I enjoy having my nipples sucked, bitten, pinched, pulled, you name it. So 99% of the time I have nipple clamps on when I’m masturbating. I normally just use my Jaws with Chain nipple clamps and I’ll add my own weight to them or I’ll pull on them, so when I received an email letting me know that I was getting these for review, I was very excited! I’ve always wanted to try weighted nipple clamps, but I just never got around to buying any. They are easy to put on and stay in place once they are on. The rubber grips help keep them on your nipple and to help them from pulling off from the added weight. They open wide enough for anyone to be able to use them, whether you have big or small nipples.

These clamps are so strong and pretty heavy! When I have these on my nipples, they feel amazing and cause a great sensation. The weight just adds to the pleasure! I personally enjoy wear these while I have my breast bound, it feels incredible.  If you aren’t into any kind of pain on your nipples or you only enjoy a little bit of pain on your nipples, I definitely don’t recommend these to you.

clThese clamps are made out of, I’m assuming, stainless steel. The grips on the clamps are made out of a rubber material. They weigh 140 g and are about 7 inches in total length. You shouldn’t need to clean these, but if you wanted you could wipe the rubber grips down with a baby wipe or a wet paper towel. They’re small enough to fit perfectly in a dresser drawer or any kind of storage box!

IMG_1852 (2)I received these clamps in a giant box full of goodies! It was shipped from Germany on November 12th and got to the East Coast on the 16th! I was shocked at how fast it got here! When I got the box, I did notice that you could see some of the invoice and it clearly said vibrator on it, but fellow sex bloggers told me that it was probably customs that did it and that their items had been shipped very discreetly! So, I don’t blame Meo for the issue! They were very upset when they saw my Twitter post and assured me that’s not how they ship their items! They have been very professional and nice every time I’ve communicated with them. The clamps came wrapped and sealed in bubble wrap to keep them safe!

You can purchase the Nipple Clamps with Weights from Meo for about $50!

1zek3ftI received this product free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review from Meo.

$41 - $75 Dildos Reviews Silicone

Dorcel Real Double Do Dildo ~ Review


I was sent the Dorcel Real Double Do Dildo free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review by SheVibe!

Pros: Affordable, Texture, Double ended, Silicone, Easy to clean.

Cons: Slight seam.

Rating ❤❤❤❤❤


This review is loooong over due, like almost a year late. Long story short, I let my friend borrow it before I had a chance to take any photos and really have the chance to test it out, said friend moved and lost it during the moving process. Only recently did they find it and return it to me! So, I apologize to SheVibe for putting this review up so late! The Dorcel Real Double Do dildo is a affordable double sided dildo, seriously it’s only $50! That’s an amazing deal for a silicone dildo, let alone a silicone double sided dildo. You can use it solo or with a partner. I’ve only ever used it by myself, but this toy would be really fun to use with someone else! When using it solo, it’s possible to be able to use it anally and vaginally at the same time, but it might take a little bit of effort since the silicone is pretty firm.


This dildo is made out of silicone. Silicone is great because it’s body safe, water proof, phthalate free among other things! The texture on this toy feels great. You get two different sensations since each side has different texture. One side has three ridges under the head and the other side doesn’t have any texture under the head. There is a bit of vein detailing on the botom half of the dildo. The firmness of this toy is pretty firm, I would compare it to Tantus firm. With that being said, it is bendable enough to be able to use it for double penetration.

IMG_1422 (2)Design/Shape/Size:

The design of the Dorcel Real Double Do dildo is a double sided dildo with both sides being realistic looking. So, if realistic looking dildos aren’t really your thing, you might not like this one. There is a slight seam that goes from one side to the other. It doesn’t bother me and you can’t really feel it, but you can see it in photos. There’s a head on each side with a bit of texture covering most of the shaft. The dildo has a total length of 16.5 inches and the largest diameter is 1.5 inches. The side with no texture under the head is slightly smaller then the other side. I received mine in a bright pink color, but it also comes in black.

IMG_1808 (2)hedCare/Maintenance:

Caring for this dildo is very easy. You can use a mild soap and water, a toy cleaner, put it on the top rack of the dishwasher wIMG_1411 (2)ith no soap, or use a 10% bleach solution. It is boilable, but I doubt many people have a pot that’s big enough for it to fit without it touching the sides of the pot. I keep mine in the box in my dresser drawer, but since the box is bulky, you could just throw the box away. As always, I recommend using water based lube with your silicone toys since they tend to have a good amount of drag to them.


Every package I’ve received from SheVibe has been very discreet. You won’t have to worry about anyone knowing what you’re getting in the mail. The box that the dildo comes in is very big and bulky since this is a long dildo. It has photos of the toy on the box. It comes with a little booklet with some information in various languages.

You can purchase the Dorcel Real Double Do Dildo from SheVibe for $49.99! shevibe_comic_logo_color_300pixels_1381343601I received this product free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review from SheVibe.

$41 - $75 Anal Toys Reviews Silicone

Hole Punch Ass Cram Cone ~ Review


IMG_1612 (2)

I was sent Ass Cram Cone free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review by Hole Punch Toys!

Pros: Cutest butt plug ever, Silicone, Firmness options, Nice packaging, Texture.

Cons: Slight seam, The base might not be comfortable if you have a larger butt.

Rating ❤❤❤❤❤


The Ass Cram Cone is more then just a butt plug. It can also be used as a vaginal plug, or just a super cute decoration! Seriously, this thing matches my room to a tee! The main reason I chose to get Ass Cram Cone is because I wanted to get a larger plug that I could use vaginally. I love the feeling of being stretched and the feeling of being full. Sometimes I enjoy wearing plugs vaginally around the house or sometimes when I masturbate I’ll just wear a plug and use a vibe on my clit. Obviously ACC can be used anally, but that wasn’t my purpose for it. My ass isn’t nearly as accommodating as my vagina with large toys, so I have yet to fit it in my ass. I am planning to use to anally, it’s just going to take some time!

When wearing this plug vaginally, it stretches me as well as feels amazing from all of the texture on it. The one and only issue I have with this toy is that the base is very large.  While wearing it, the base will cause irritation because it’s rubbing into my skin. I had to keep twisting the plug around to find the right spot for the base to sit before it was somewhat comfortable. DevianttKitten wrote in their review that if you add a bit of lubricant around the base it helps with the digging in the skin issue. I tried it and it does seem to help some!

Material/Texture/Firmness:IMG_1673 (2)

All of the toys available at Hole Punch are made out of platinum cured silicone. Silicone toys do attract pet hair/lint, so be sure to always clean your toy before and after each use just to be sure there’s nothing on it! Ass Cram Cone has quite a bit of texture on it. The texture is similar to swirled ice cream, it starts from the top and goes down to the bottom and then it becomes drip like texture! The base has a bit of texture on it as well. Ass Cram Cone comes in two firmness options, soft and firm. I chose to get mine in firm for the obvious reason, I love hard toys! Their firm is close to Tantus firm, it has very little give.


The designIMG_1670 (2)s at Hole Punch are amazing and unique! They have toys based on carrots, nuns, rocket ships and obviously, Ice Cream! The design of Ass Cram Cone is a ice cream cone. It’s a Neapolitan cone going from brown (chocolate), to white (vanilla), into pink (strawberry). It’s like a perfectly soft serve ice cream cone! The white layer looks like it’s melting into the pink and the pink looks like it’s melting into a puddle for the base. Something that most of you may notice in photos of the toys at Hole Punch is that they all have a visible seam. The reason being for that is “If you look closely you will notice faint seams along two sides of many of the toys. I left them visible in the photos quite intentionally. These ARE NOT flaws. They are evidence of a product that is hand poured into a two piece mold. They in no way effect the feel or performance of the toy. They should, if anything, be a reminder that you are the owner of a unique piece of small batch craftsmanship.” The seam doesn’t bother me or the use of the toy! The size of Ass Cram Cone is quite large, this isn’t a plug for beginners. The total length of this toy is 5.5 inches, with a useable length of 5 inches, the diameter at the largest point is 2 inches and the base is 3.5 inches in diameter at the widest point. Hole Punch does have a smaller ice cream toy that you can purchase, Teeny Creemee! I purchased a misfit version of Teeny Creemee and it’s way more doable for me as a butt plug!

IMG_1616 (2)0acccIMG_1664 (2)Care/Maintenance:

When you receive your toy, it comes with a little card that has some care information about cleaning and the maintenance. The card says “It is dishwasher safe and remarkably durable, but it is a silicone toy and does not take kindly to silicone based lubricant. Water based is the way to go. Treat it kindly, and it will be around for a good long while.” Cleaning silicone toys is very easy. You can use a mild soap and water, a toy cleaner, put it on the top rack of the dishwasher, boil it for 3 to 5 minutes or use a 10% bleach solution. I store my toy in the container that it came in, but you could always put it in a plastic bag if you don’t have space for a bulky container.


The shipping from Hole Punch was fast and discreet. The return label does say ‘H.P. Studios’, but no one would know where your package is from unless they’ve order from there themselves. I did a quick Google search and the only thing that popped up was Harry Potter and HP computers. When I opened my package, I found some stickers, a card with some care information and my toy. The packaging from Hole Punch is seriously my favorite, it’s as unique as their toys! Ass Cram Cone came in a cylinder container wrapped in some brown paper to keep it from bouncing around. The cylinder has the Hole Punch logo on one side and a ice cream sticker on the other. I recently ordered a misfit toy from Hole Punch and it arrived in a little takeout looking bag, it was adorable!

pYou can purchase Ass Cram Cone from Hole Punch Toys for $69!


I received this product free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.