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$76 - $100 Reviews Silicone Vibrators

Satisfyer Pro 2 ~ Review

I was sent the Satisfyer Pro 2 free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review by Eden’s Toy Box!

Pros: Hands free orgasm, Easy to clean, Waterproof, Rechargeable, 11 settings/speeds.

Cons: Loud when not suctioned, Can be hard to position, You have to cycle through every speed to get back to the lowest one.

Rating: ❤❤❤❤


The Satisfyer Pro 2 is a toy that I’ve wanted to try since I saw it. I had yet to try out a suction toy, so I was really excited to test it out. Using it for the first time, I found it kind of difficult to find the right placement. I had to keep moving it before I finally found the right spot. On Valentine’s Day I took my first bubble bath as an adult so I could test out the waterproof feature of this toy which worked pretty well. I also tested this toy with a pumped clit. It was a bit easier to position the Satisfyer when I had my clit pumped. One of the few flaws with this toy is that when it’s not suctioned to something, it’s pretty loud. So, if you don’t have much privacy, this toy may not be for you.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is a toy that I enjoy using to build up to my orgasms, but not a toy that I personally enjoy having an orgasm with. My clitoris gets really sensitive as soon as I have an orgasm, so with the Satisfyer, it causes a burning sensation on my clit because it’s overly sensitive. I also noticed that my orgasms aren’t as strong and don’t last as long with the Satisfyer as they do with my usual toy, the Mini Emma.


The controls on the Satisfyer Pro 2 are pretty easy to use. To turn it on, you press the small power button, to cycle through the 11 levels you press the larger oval button. It will increase the intensity by one level. To turn the toy off, you hold the power button for 2 seconds. The main problem I have with this toy is the control of the speeds/vibrations. On most toys that I own, you can press the down button and it will decrease the vibrations, well on the Satisfyer Pro 2, you have to cycle through all 11 speeds to get back to the lowest one or you can turn the toy off and then back on. So, either I have to deal with the strong vibrations making my clit really sensitive or I have to remove the toy and cycle through and then place it back on my clit and build back up to my orgasm.

This toy is rechargeable which is always nice for a vibrator. It is a USB charger, so you can charge it with your computer, gaming system, etc. It has a magnetic charger that seems to stay in place pretty well. You simply place the magnetic ends together, it will flash red while it’s charging and will stay lit once it’s completely charged. The toy should be fully charged before first use and can take up to eight hours for the initial charging. The user manual says the battery life is approximately 2.5 hours.


The body of the toy is made out of ABS plastic and the nozzle is made from silicone. The silicone is silky smooth and doesn’t have any drag to it. I’d recommend using a water base lube when using this toy, it seems to help suction better!


The design of the Satisfyer Pro 2 is very sleek and it’s pretty light weight. It’s easy to hold and stays in place well. The toy fits in my hand and between my labia nicely. The nozzle size should work with most anatomies. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is about 7 inches in length. My favorite thing about the design of the toy is the color. It’s a beautiful matte rose gold color and I don’t have anything like it in my collection!


The Satisfyer Pro 2 is very easy to care for. The suction attachment is made out of silicone and it’s detachable, so you can use soap and water, a baby wipe, boil it, wash it on the top rack of the dishwasher with no soap or use a 10% bleach solution. As far as the rest of the toy, its waterproof, so you can just wipe with down with a baby wipe or a mild soap and water. The user manual recommends storing the toy away from direct sunlight and extreme heat.


The shipping from Eden’s Toy Box was fast and discreet. The Satisfyer Pro 2 comes in a white box with a photo of the toy on the front and back and information on each side. Inside the box, you’ll find the toy, charger and user manual.

You can purchase the Satisfyer Pro 2 from Eden’s Toy Box for $79.99!

I received this product free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review from Eden’s Toy Box.

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Exotic-Erotics SubWoofer ~ Review


hweeI was sent SubWoofer free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review by Exotic-Erotics!

Pros: Amazing detail/texture, Silicone, Customizable, Multiple sizes, Very filling.

Cons: May be too much texture for some.

Rating ❤❤❤❤❤


When Exotic-Erotics released SubWoofer, they posted a photo of it on Twitter and I had made a comment about how amazing iIMG_1711 (2)t looked. They reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in reviewing it. I jumped at the chance because 1) I love Exotic-Erotic’s toys. 2) The texture looked amazing! 3) It’s something new that I’ve never seen on a toy before. As soon as I got the okay to place my order, I spent some time trying to decide between the medium and large size and which color to get. I finally decided on everything and placed my order. It couldn’t have came at a better time, September was a pretty rough month for me, so getting SubWoofer gave me something to look forward to!

The first time I used SubWoofer, it took some stretching to be able to fit the length before the knot. Once I was able to get it in, it took me a minute to decide on if I liked the feeling of the texture or not. To be honest, the first time using it, I didn’t really care for the texture. However, every time since then, I’ve enjoyed the feeling of the texture. I have yet to fit the knot on this toy, because well, it’s huge. The largest toy I’ve taken would be Amir with a diameter of 2.76 on the head and a diameter 2.83 on the medial ring. The diameter of SubWoofer’s knot is 3.38 inches! So, I still have a bit of stretching to do to be able to fit the knot, but now I have a new goal to reach when it comes to stretching! I’m pretty sure that once I’m able to knot SubWoofer, fisting would be more of a reachable goal for me.


All of the toys at Exotic-Erotics are made out of high quality silicone. If you aren’t a fan of textured toys, then this toy will not be for you! The texture on this toy is going to be the first thing you notice about it. The head, shaft and base is completely covered with texture while the knot only has a bit of texture on the sides. To me, the texture has a steampunk and video game feel to it. I honestly don’t even know how to describe the texture on this toy really, so you’ll just have to look at the photos to see for yourself! Every time I pick up this toy and look at it, I always find something new in the texture. It took me a few days to notice that it has it’s name on the base of this toy. One tip that I have when using a toy with this much texture is to use plenty of lube! If there isn’t enough lube, the texture might not feel very good and can be irritating, which is why I didn’t like it the first time I played with it. Another thing to think about when ordering this toy is to really think about which firmness you want. If you choose the soft firmness, then the feeling of the texture won’t be as strong like it will be in their hard firmness. I always order all of my toys in the hardest firmness possible, so the texture on mine really stands out. If you aren’t sure which firmness to get, Exotic-Erotics does sell firmness samples for $5 so you can feel them and you’ll get a $5 off code for your next purchase!

IMG_1784 (2)hwtexDesign/Shape/Size:

The design of SubWoofer is something I’ve never seen before and I don’t think there’s anything quite like it on the market. As I stated above, the texture is everything on this toy. Not only does it feel amazing, but it’s pretty to look it! The basic shape of this toy is like most canine toys. You have the pointed head, a bulbous knot and a bit of length afterwards so the knot sits comfortably. It’s like a mixture between a robotic canine cock, video games and steampunk. Exotic-Erotics offers SubWoofer in 4 sizes, mini, small, medium and large. You can compare all of the sizes here! When I was trying to decide on which size to get, I went back and forth between medium and large. The diameter of the knot on the mediuutfgm is 2.70 inches and I knew that I’ve taken toys a bit larger then that, so it wasn’t going to be a challenge, but the knot diameter of the large is 3.38 and that would be a challenge and have a goal for me to reach. So, I ended up going with the large so I could stretch up to the size. I had decided on the size and firmness of my toy, but now I had to pick the color I wanted my toy and this was pretty difficult! The stock photos of SubWoofer shows it in 4 different colors and it looked so good in each of them! I ended up going with ‘Full Patina’ because it’s so pretty, a coloration I’ve never seen before and I don’t have any grey colored toys! Full Patina is a beautiful blue-grey color with an antique bronze undertone.

IMG_1710 (2)hwheadIMG_1765 (2)hwknohwbaseCustomizing:

One of the best things about Exotic-Erotics is that you get to completely customize your toy to your liking. Once you’ve decided on which of their amazing toys to get, you get to choose your color. Exotic-Erotics recently expanded their color options and they are amazing. They have normal colors, fluorescent, pearlescent, metallic, and glow in the dark! They came out with surprise color options, single, super and deluxe. Depending on the toy, you can get dual colors, natural markings, swirls, etc. To see a full color chart and all of the design options, go check out the toy information page on their website! If you have something in mind, you can always email the guys at Exotic-Erotics! They’re very friendly and helpful! Next you get to choose which firmness you want your toy to be. They have soft, medium, hard and depending on the item, sometimes cored and split firmness. Again, depending on the item, you can choose to get a suction cup added onto the base. To read more on each firmness, head over to the toy information page!



When I first saw photos of SubWoofer, I was pretty sure that it would be a nightmare to clean. However, I was pleasantly surprised that it’s not as difficult as you’d think with all of that texture. I recommend using a soft bristle toothbrush to clean the texture on the toy. Even just using a baby wipe to clean it isn’t very difficult!


As always, the shipping from Exotic-Erotics is always very discreet. You don’t have to worry about anyone knowing where your package is from. When you open your plain box you’ll find air pillows protecting your toy. When you order a toy from Exotic-Erotics, you have the option of getting a free storage bag. The bags are well made and come in handy! The storage bag I received with SubWoofer is a dark denim color.

You can purchase SubWoofer from Exotic-Erotics starting at $35!

EE_zpse8e783aeI received this product free of charge (excluding shipping) in exchange for an unbiased review from Exotic-Erotics.

$76 - $100 Reviews Silicone Vibrators

Onyxxx Bunni ~ Review


I was sent the Onyxxx Bunni free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review by Stag Shop!

Pros: Rechargeable, Beginner friendly, Silicone, Beautiful packaging.

Cons: Might not be strong enough for some, No manual.


The OnyXXX Bunni is a small clitoral vibrator. You can use the ‘Bunni ears’ a few different ways. You can insert them in whichever hole you’d like, you can place your clit between the ears for direct clitoral contact, or use it on your nipples! I find that it works best for me using it on my nipples or on my clit, but if you’re someone who likes internal vibrations, it would be great for that.

The controls on this toy are pretty simple to use. The Bunni’s ‘eyes’ are the controls buttons! You can press either or and it will turn your toy on. Push the opposite button and it will turn it off, you can also hold down either button and it will turn it off. You push the buttons to cycle through the different speeds and patterns. The Bunni’s eyes light up a purple color as well as the ‘mouth’ and ‘eyebrows’.


I would say this Bunni vibe is about a 3 out of 5 when it comes to vibration strength on the highest setting. The vibrations are very buzzy. It’s going to be great for beginners and people who don’t need much power. I personally like a lot of power to a vibrator, like the Hitachi, so this vibe isn’t the best for me! A great thing about this vibe is that it’s very quiet! No one will be able to hear it through a closed door! I suck at trying to describe patterns and I didn’t get a manual with mine, so I found a review on the Stag Shop website that describes the settings/speeds perfectly!

1. Low
2. medium
3. Fast
4. 3 pulses a second
5. 1 Long 2 short pulses
6. Short, short long pulses
7. Escalating 5 pulses low to high
8. 2 pulses, pulses escalating low ,2 pulses escalating medium, 2 pulses escalating high, she’s gonna blow captain
9. Revving up over 10 seconds buzzes once, decelerates buzz buzz
10. Escalation over 10 seconds, then 8 pulses


IMG_0973 (2)1

Charging your Bunni is simple and easy to do! On the back of the toy you will find a small hole with the letters ‘DC’ above it. You simply plug the charging port into the hole and plug the other end into an outlet. The ‘eyes’ will flash purple while it’s charging and will stay on when it’s completely done. My Bunni didn’t come with a manual for some reason, so I’m not 100% sure how long it takes to charge it for the first time, but it only took mine about 45 minutes to fully charge. It should last for about 4 hours of playtime!


The Bunni is made out of silicone and plastic. The top half is made from superior grade silicone, which is phthalate free. The silicone is so silky smooth, it doesn’t have any drag to it! It doesn’t collect much pet hair, but I still always wipe it off before I use it just in case!


The Onyxxx Bunni is a small clitoral vibe in a bunny shape. It has ears and a face. It’s a cute vibrator overall! My favorite thing about it is that it lights up purple when you’re using it! I got the black Bunni, but it also comes in a pretty plum color. It is very small, it fits into my hand nicely. The measurements for this toys are as follows:

  • Total height ~ 4 inches
  • Useable ~ 2 inches
  • Diameter ~ 1.5 inches
  • Weight ~ 6.12 oz


IMG_0960 (2)1ears


Cleaning the Bunni is easy. You can use a toy cleaner, baby wipes, a 10% bleach solution or a mild soap and water. It is water resistant, but be careful when you’re cleaning around the charge port. Be sure to only use water based lube with your toy! The box makes for a great storage place, but it does come with a storage bag as well!


The shipping from Stag Shop was fast and discreet! I was surprised at how fast it got from Canada to the East coast! The packaging for all of my Onyxxx products are amazing! They’re simple, yet elegant. It comes with a sleeve that has a picture of the product and some information on it. You slide that off to find a black box that says Onyxxx. When you pull the lid off, you find your toy in protective foam, your charger, manual (well maybe) and storage bag.

pacIMG_0959 (2)1

Rating ❤❤❤❤

You can purchase Onyxxx Bunni from Stag Shop for $79.99!

ssI received this product free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review from Stag Shop. No affiliate links were used.