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$41 - $75 Dildos Reviews Silicone

Pleasure Works Captain ~ Review

CAPcaptI was sent Captain free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review by GoodVibes!

Pros: Silicone, Anal safe, Harness compatible, Girthy, Pronounced head, Texture.

Cons: Some people aren’t a fan of realistic dildos.

Rating ❤❤❤❤❤


Looking for a girthy anal safe/harness compatible toy?! Then look no further, Captain is the toy for you! Captain is a realistic looking dildo that comes in 4 different color options (Vanilla, Caramel, Coffee, and Black) While the base is great for anal/harnesses, it works well for thrusting since you have something to hold onto! The texture on this toy feels great and the pronounced head gives you that slight popping sensation! Be sure to use a condom if you plan to share with a partner or will be using it between holes. Use a dab of water based lube for easy insertion.

Material/Texture/Firmness:IMG_1204 (2)

Captain is made out of 100% silicone making it body safe and phthalate free! The silicone is smooth with little drag, I still recommended using a small amount of water based lube! There is vein like texture all over the front of the shaft, and the back is pretty smooth. The firmness of captain is close to Tantus silicone, but with a bit more give to it. So if you only like super soft toys, this one probably isn’t for you! I personally love the firmness of Captain!


Captain is a pretty realistic looking dildo. That could turn some people off from buying it, but I don’t have an issue with real looking toys. I received mine in their medium color, Caramel. It’s a beautiful coffee color! Captain is pretty girthy. It’s pretty thick at the top of the toy and gets smaller as it goes down to the base. The pronounced head causes a great popping sensation, as well as putting firm pressure on the g-spot! The measurements for Captain are as follows:

  • Total length ~ 8.5 inches
  • Useable length ~ 7.5 inches
  • Diameter ~ 2 inches
  • Circumference ~ 6.5 inches

IMG_1205 (2)


Silicone toys are easy to care for! You can clean them with soap and water, a toy cleaner, 10% bleach solution, boil it for 3 minutes or throw it on the top rack of the dishwasher with no soap. I store captain in the bag he came in, but you could always just store him in his box!


Good Vibrations shipping is always fast and discreet. You don’t have to worry about anyone knowing what’s in your box. Captain comes in a box with his photo on the front and back with some information on each side! The box is a bit bulky, so I threw mine away.

You can purchase Captain from GoodVibes for $60!

Good-Vibrations-728x90I received this product free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review from GoodVibes. Affiliate links were used.

$20 - $40 Nipple toys Reviews

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Auto-VAC Nipple Pumps ~ Review

npIMG_1186 (2)I was sent the Auto-VAC Nipple Pumps free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review by SheVibe!

Pros: Strong suction, Great sensation, Will fit most nipple sizes!

Cons: Requires batteries.

Rating ❤❤❤❤❤


My love for nipple play is no secret. Having my nipples sucked was the first sexual thing that ever happened to me, and since then I’ve been kind of obsessed with it. I love the feeling of suction on my nipples, so I’ve been on the look out for a good nipple pump for some time now. I’ve used a breast pump that is meant for breast feeding, and it just wasn’t that great. When I saw the auto-vac nipple pump I knew I had to try it and let me just say this thing is amazing!  It gives you a great suction sensation! On the box it advertises that it can leave you with huge puffy nipples, which I know some people would enjoy. I personally didn’t get this pump for the puffy nipples part, and I haven’t experienced that even after leaving it on for some time! It does make my nipples slightly larger for a period of time, and enhances sensitivity. The feeling this pump causes is amazing and I grab for it almost every time I play now!

Using this pump is so incredibly easy! First be sure to put your pump together. It comes in 3 separate pieces, the pump itself, the suction cups and a connector nozzle. Place the larger end of the connector nozzle onto the pump end and the cups on the smaller end (see picture above!) Once you’ve put your puIMG_1190 (2)mp together, be sure to put your 3 AA batteries into the battery compartment. Once your batteries are in, you’re ready to use your pump! There is a ON/OFF button and a Vacuum Release button on the sides. The ON/OFF button obviously turns it on and off and the Vacuum Release button is used to take the cups off of your body. The one thing you have to be sure to do is have BOTH suction cups on whatever body part you’re planning on using it (nipples, clit, balls, etc!) The pump will not work unless both cups are flat on a body part. The first time I used it, I placed one of the cups on my hand to feel how strong the suction was, and nothing happened! I was so disappointed because I thought it was broken. So, be sure to use it correctly, so you aren’t disappointed! If you plan to use this on your clit or just want it on one nipple, you can just put the other cup on your stomach, leg, etc. Just a close body part so the pump will work! As with any pump, make sure to be safe with it! If it’s causing you pain, stop using it immediately and don’t use the pump for too long! You don’t want to damage any nerves!

PicMonkey Collage


There shouldn’t be much maintenance needed for this pump. You can wipe the cups out with a damp rag and then dry them before storing! The box makes for a great storage place, although it is a bit big. You can easily take the pump apart and store it somewhere else! If you plan to use this pump on your clit, I wouldn’t recommend sharing this toy with anyone since it cannot be sterilized!


The shipping from SheVibe is always fast and discreet! You won’t have to worry about anyone knowing what you’re getting in the mail. The packaging for the pump isn’t so discreet. Each side of the box has a half naked girl using the pump. The box is big and chunky, so you may just want to throw it out!

b'You can purchase the Auto-VAC Nipple Pumps from SheVibe for $40.99!

shevibe_comic_logo_color_300pixels_1381343601I received this product free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review from SheVibe. Affiliate links were used.

$100+ Dildos Fantasy Reviews Silicone

Primal Hardwere Neigh Sayer ~ Review

nsIMG_1209 (2)I was sent the Neigh Sayer (dildo version) free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review by Primal Hardwere!

Pros: Customizable, Silicone, Girthy, Texture, Comes in a wearable form!

Cons: Could be too big for some, A bit pricey.


Back in April, I reviewed Splorch from Primal Hardwere. To this day, that is my most viewed review/brings me the most traffic. So when I saw that PH had come out with dildo versions of their wearables, I reached out to them again to see if it would be possible to do another review for them. I was really excited when they agreed to let me do so! I took a look at my choices and instantly knew I wanted to try the Neigh Sayer! It seems that I have a thing for horse dildos!

The Neigh Sayer is a girthy dildo. If you like feeling full, then this toy is going to be great for you! The base on this dildo works for and against you when you’re using it. It’s really big, so holding onto it is easy, but after awhile it could get annoying. The base could also work well for riding instead of thrusting! The base makes this toy anal safe and possibly harness compatible, if you have one that will fit a larger toy with giant balls. If you plan to share this toy between holes or partners use a condom (or boil him!)


Primal Hardwere toys are made out of 100% silicone. Their silicone is extremely soft and silky. It’s not tacky like some silicones, but it does have some drag to it. I recommend running it under some water or taking a baby wipe to it before using it just to be sure there is no hair or lint stuck to it. Be sure to only use water based lube with your silicone toys. The Neigh Sayer has vein like texturing all over the shaft, as well as texture from the medial ring and the head. The texture isn’t as prominent when the toy is in their soft firmness, but will be more so when in their hard firmness. When ordering your toy, you get to choose from 3 firmnesses, Soft, Medium, & Hard. I’ve never felt all of their firmnesses, so I won’t be able to compare them to other companies like I normally do! I don’t believe they sell firmness samples either, but I will be emailing them about it!IMG_1211 (2)

The main issue I have with my toy is the firmness. I didn’t realize that PH had more then one firmness option. For some reason I thought they had a standard firmness they use for every toy and didn’t think to ask when I was telling them what I wanted, so that’s completely my fault! My vagina, for some reason, only really likes hard silicone, the harder the better. I can sometimes get away with using medium, but soft just does nothing for me. It literally feels like there’s nothing inside me when a toy is in a soft firmness. I’m going to guess that my toy is in their soft firmness, it’s really soft and squishy! LoneWolf informed me that my toy is in their medium firmness! It’s comparable to both EE & BD medium firmness. Their hard firmness is close to an erect penis, while their soft is a little firmer then fresh gummy bears! With that being said, the firmness does work for me somewhat, the texture does feel nice, but hard would have made this a perfect horse dildo! In the future I may have to get myself another Neigh Sayer in their hard firmness!


There are quite a few horse dildos on the market now, so makes the Neigh Sayer worth buying? The texture! Most of the other horse dildos available don’t have much texture on the shaft. They have completely smooth shafts, with a bit of texture from the medial ring. The Neigh Sayer has texture all over the shaft, with some on the head as well. It isn’t overwhelming texture either. The design of it is quite nice as well! The big balls make it more realistic.  My absolute favorite thing about my toy is the color! When they asked what kind of coloring I wanted, I knew I wanted it to be cotton candy colored because of MonkeyToyBox! She has posted a few photos of cotton candy colored toys and I have always loved how they look. When I told them cotton candy colored, they told me they could also make it glow in the dark otr metallic! I told them that either sounded good to me and for them to just surprise me with the pattern of the colors. So, when I got my toy it was a surprise to me and I fell in love! It’s a beautiful cotton candy pink on the top of the shaft with a few blue freckles and the rest of the toy is mainly metallic blue with some pink freckles and pink mixed on the bottom of the base as well. The coloring is one of my all time favorites out of all of my toys! One of the cool things about the Neigh Sayer is that it comes in a dildo version as well as a wearable version!

heheabalColor options:

Primal Hardwere has a large choice of colors that you can choose from! Don’t see any that you like? Just shoot them an email with your idea and I’m sure they can bring it to life! They have the standard colors, custom colors, glow in the dark and metallic options. They come up with the best name for their colors such as Chaffed Anus, Browneye, Rosy Buttcheeks, Cartoon Pussy, Caution Tape and Red Rocket! You can see a full list of their standard colors here!


Cleaning the Neigh Sayer is simple! For any silicone toy you can use a mild soap and water, baby wipes, a toy cleaner, a 10% bleach solution or boil them for 3 to 5 minutes! PH toys don’t come with storage bags, but you could easily buy or make one yourself! I’ve been storing mine in a large zip lock bag in my storage drawers. As always, only use water based lubricant with your silicone toys!


The shipping from Primal Hardwere is always discreet! The wait time for my toy wasn’t horribly long, I think it was about 2ish weeks. Inside I found my toy sealed in a plastic bag as well as a few business cards! They use pillow pockets to keep your items safe and from bouncing around in the box.

Rating ❤❤❤❤❤

You can purchase the Neigh Sayer (dildo version) from Primal Hardwere! starting at $107.99!

bannerI received this product free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review from Primal Hardwere. Affiliate links were not used.